Fun comments to text message. You will love to send these texts to your freinds.

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Fun Comments

I am not your type ... I am not inflatable.

sms message I know why I am single, my parents-in-law were not able to have kids...

sms message I like to compare you with a nice cold glass of beer, beautiful colour, perfect taste, really perfect and when the glass is empty i just take the next one!

sms message I once sniffed Coke, but the icecubes blocked my nostrils...

sms message If being ugly would hurt, you would be in pain all day long.

sms message If you have picture where you look old, keep them. In twenty years you can prove that you have not changed a bit.

sms message If you really ressemble the picture on your ID, you are not fit enough to travel.

sms message Ik would like to be a volcano... smoke all day and people say ... look he is working!

sms message In case of fire read this message.....................................I SAID IN CASE OF FIRE YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!

sms message It is charming, incredibly handsome, extremely good, well shaped, horny,an animal in bed and it knows one French word ... MOI!!


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