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Top 10 Text Messaging Do's and Don'ts

 By James - May 21, 2008

Text is the #1 growing forms of communication. In 2008 alone 2.3 trillion text messages are going to be sent all around the world (telecommunications.) That account for 30 text messages for every human being in the world in 2008.

Now texting is not like talking. It has it's own guidelines and communication rules. Below I have compiled the top 10 texting Do's and Don'ts that you must follow in order to have a good text messaging experience.

1. Avoid participating in text games endorsed by television stations and any kind of text gambling. Most importantly, you could become submitted into text marketing lists. Also because texting is so new many text gambling are not secure and safe. Stay away from them.

2. Don't pass text messages that ruin other people's reputation. Because text messaging is so impersonal a lot of people are getting caught up and send messages that really hurt the people reading it or involved in the message. We always seem to write more intense information then we talk. Control how intense that information is, it could really bit you in the butt.

3. Don't over text some one that does not text you back. "hey, sorry about what happened last night. What are you doing today?"....."I know you are probably mad but get over it and write back."......"Ok, I will leave you alone I just want to make sure that.....

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Free Web poll for your Web site - freepolls.com

Free Web poll for your Web site - freepolls.com

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