Texting articles. The 9 Key Texting Tips - Discover How To Become Successful At Texting

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The 9 Key Texting Tips Discover How To Become Successful At Texting

 You can find directions, weather, games, news, count calories, keep tabs on flights / friends, transfer files, archive messages, get updates on your daily schedule and more. Most of these capabilities are also free. If you want to learn more about how to utilize texting to simplify your life go to textingadvice.com. I wrote an article about "How to utilize text messaging to simplify your life."

Tip #7 - Be aware of your phone bill and downloads - I just had a friend that paid a $214 phone bill. This was because he didn't have an unlimited texting plan. He also downloaded a few ring tones and programs. This type if bill is completely unnecessary and a lot of people fork over this kind of money because they are not aware about what's going on.

The other subject you need to be aware of is the random monthly charges that texting companies try to suck you into. These companies use myspace, facebook to get your number or they get your number from some other way and try to hook you into confirming a monthly charge for there dumb service. Don't give your number over the web to random websites and never text "Y" to any random number (that usually mean yes to charge a fee.) Rule of thumb: Don't download anything onto your phone that your computer can do, get a texting plan and make sure you don't get caught up into any unwanted monthly fee.

Tip #8 - Don't become a slave to your phone - One definition of a slave is, "a person excessively dependent upon or controlled by another person." Most of us thrive off the feeling of receiving a text

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