Texting articles. The 9 Key Texting Tips - Discover How To Become Successful At Texting

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The 9 Key Texting Tips Discover How To Become Successful At Texting

 The Poor Texter sent 5 times more messages then the Good texter. If they didn't have unlimited text messaging the sender and the person replying are going to become poor because they are paying for that. Over all, you save time, money and you don't come across like an idiot.

Tip #4 - Never send valuable information - When you text message, all your true identity become masked. No one can see, hear or confirm that the person sending the message is the correct person. This is the perfect system for thefts. Popping up everywhere are people stealing phones and texting numbers in the phone to get valuable information. Don't become a victim of this. If someone you know wants information, call them and make sure it's the right person.

Tip #5 - Never text while talking to someone - Texting has become a massive form or communication in today's society (especially for the teenagers.) The controversy is that texting and talking are two forms of communication that fight for your attention at the same time. More and more people are trying to text and talk at the same time or worse, chose texting over talking. Remember, real interactions are always better then phone interactions. Prioritize and text in-between real conversations.

Tip #6 - Utilize text messaging to simplify your life - A simple text message can now do anything that a phone call, computer, Internet or planner can do. Now, there're tons of web sites and programs that are built to make your life easier through texting, so why not utilize it.

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