Text message smiley faces and emoticons. Cool slangs, acronyms or abbreviations when you text message, IM, Chat Online, discussion boards, or email.

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Texting Smiley Face & emoticons
:-) smile with nose
:-& tongue tied
:) Standard smile
:^) Being Nossy
':-) eyebrow raised
:-x kiss on lips
(((H))) Hugs
:-p Sticking tongue out
:-< supper sad
:-( Sad
>-) evil grin
:-E buck tooth
:'-) happy cry
:-# wearing braces
{:-) wearing Toupee
;) winking
;-) winking
|-O yawning
(\--/)_____ (o.o)-____ (____)0 running bunny
:-# braces
:'-) happy cry
{:-) toupee
;-) Winking
:-D laughing
==^.^== cat
@>--;-- rose
C=;-) chef
:-! foot in mouth
:-@ screaming
:-0 yelling
%-( confused
:-----) long nose
:-($) put money wear mouth is
{:-) wearing Toupee
;) winking
;-) winking
|-O yawning
<(-_-)> Robot
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